5 tips for beginners in free fire

As free fire battleground gained more popularity day by day, at the same time this game goes more difficult. The reason is that when you have to play against a strong competitor, you must have proper loot, weapons or skills to complete them. Because in this arena or room you might be a face pro player. That’s why we are sharing some tips regarding how to play batter in free fire. These tips will help you to boost your abilities and way of playing.

Free Fire Tips and Tricks

Remember these tips or tricks are for beginners and some advanced-level gamers not for pros.

  1. Land on suitable area:- At the start of the game you have an option or time to land on your favorite place. You can track your location from the maps present on the upper side of the right corner. Choose one of the suitable place like “Mars Electric” to get loot without a rush.
  2. Land with your friends:- Teamwork is sometimes very necessary when you have to compete some pro players. Follow your best team member who is an expert in landing and choose a place where you aspire to land. The reason is that when your all team land in the same place you can get proper loot for battle. Other players will follow your root and avoid to gt enter in your area.
  3. Avoid loot in open:- As we know it’s a survival game and you have to survive till the end of the game. You should be alone (if you’re playing solo) until your all enemies eliminate.
  4. Your favorite display setting:- yes it is very important to groom your battle skills. You should properly arrange all the items appearing on your screen. Mange them in such a way that it will not irritate to play faster. Set your thumb at right place, customize your fire open buttons as you feel better. You can first try that where you should set these claws.
  5. Play outside the zone:- sometimes the zoon time is nearly ending and you do not have the proper way to escape to other. Then try to beat them first and then move on.
  6. Guns selection: you should relay an AR gun due to high damage and comfortable controls. Make your scope setting move faster. Check their sensitivity to play more accurately.
  7. Choose the best aim precision:- if you are happy with your present aim, use a default aim precision with a scope or not.
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