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Among youth, Free Fire Mod Apk is getting popular day by day because of its remarkable format and graphics. It is a multiplayer online game where we play with different people from all over the world.

We can easily communicate through different languages option and voice-in chat in-game. It works for mobiles and PC with low storage efficiently. Multiple features like weapons, life-line, vehicles, graphics, character customization, and game modes are available. All these pro features make the game more exciting for players.

The controls are simple and amazing with multiple options. The main focus in the game which leads to victory is survival. Those who survive through each ten-minute round get promoted to the next level with a high ranking.

It is easy and enjoyable because of its additional and efficient tool Free Fire Mod Menu. The gameplay in Garena Free Fire is exciting and secure. It turns on the ghost mode, Auto headshot, climb wall, underground, crosshair, aimbot, etc.

Download and install your Apks right now and get the victory with cheat actions. The tools, customization, and weapons are easy to use they make the game much more exciting for players. However, survival is not so easy as there are up to fifty players at the start. Only one player survives till the end.

Free Fire Mod Menu makes our way to victory easier. After we start playing the game, we get so fascinated that it becomes an addiction.

Free Fire PC Download

Name Free Fire PC version
Publisher Garena
Mode Multiplayer
Category Adventure, Battle Royale
Size 1.5GB
Version 1.32.0
Get it on 111 Dots studio or Google play store

About Free Fire Mod Menu

In an era of battle royal games, the Free Fire has a unique place. Its multiple features like asset store for tools, maps, weapons, armor accessories, and modes make it different from other battlefield games. Among fifty gamers only one can survive till the end. The game not only works for solo players but also for teams. We can make a team of four for better tactics to bestow victory.

The survival mode becomes unique when fifty players with different characters land on a battlefield at once and start the action. The special features include healing speed and defense among competitors.

Different menu player features include map and weapon menu. Some menu features are no grass, no tree, no fog, healing, and supervision. Menu weapons include aimbot, auto headshot, crosshair, and sensitivity pro. The Free Fire Mod Menu Apk is free to download. Its size is small and works fluently with additional cheats.

Along with this, you can get Free Fire diamonds for the different menus but this payment is a must. Free Fire Mod Menu gives all features free of cost for an unlimited period. The game pattern is simple and easy to play. The PUBG format is followed in it but instead of long playing time. Small rounds of ten minutes are introduced in it which makes it is unique and versatile. So hurry up and get it now and enjoy gaming with or without cheat mode.

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Best Features of Free Fire Mod Apk

The game is getting popular due to its modified Menu version. It’s an absolute favorite for game lovers. Here are some amazing features of the Free Fire Mod Menu apk.

1- Game Controls

The game controls are simple and quick. They are available on both top corners of the game screen. Aim the cursor and know about all the features in an instance.

free fire download for pc windows 10

2- Accurate play

Aiming and shooting is done accurately due to zoom in and out gesture. Above thirty weapons are available in-game mode. Qe can change our weapon anytime according to need. As the round of ten minutes is quick, with tactic and accurate play.

free fire game online download

3- Maps

As soon as the players land on the battlefield, they provided a detailed map with all the information about the area. By looking at the map we can suspend shooting mode.

4- Best Graphics

This Battle Royale gameplay is famous on Google play store and other platforms due to its high graphics. The fascinating graphics distinguishes it from other gameplays. The graphics are smooth and give a real-time effect to us.

5- Characters

A vast character list is available in Free Fire Mod Menu. We can add desired characteristics and skills to our characters. Customizing our favorite characters with desired skills is more fun to play.

free fire max download apk

6- Mode selection

Choosing the mode of our wish is another fantastic feature of Free Fire Mod Apk. We get two regular options which are Clash squad and Battle Royale mode. Other casual options include custom, rush hour, squad, classic, and ranked. Mode choice makes us play like a pro.

7- Solo or squad game

In each round of ten minutes, up to fifty players play. It is our own choice whether we want to play solo or join a team of four players.

8 – Weapons

In a variety of choices, the weapons are of our option too. A collection of thirty weapons is available. We can choose a suitable weapon based on its stats. We can further equip them with the attachments found during battle rounds like a magazine, silencer, muzzle, etc.

free fire game in windows bluestacks

9 – Battleground choices

In kinds of choices, we also get the option to choose the desired battlefield. Usually, the battlegrounds are clear of fog, grass, trees, etc. But the desired battlefield makes it much fun to play.

Garena Free Fire MOD Features

  • Players can have a voice-in chat between the game.
  • We can customize our characters the way want. We can add different skills to them to make them more interesting.
  • Health boosters, safety accessories like armor costumes are given to game characters for a lifetime.
  • We can play with anyone from the entire world because the game supports many languages.
  • The game is fast to play with its quick rounds of three minutes.

How to install Garena Free Fire Apk on Windows?

Free Fire Mod Apkis easy to download on Windows. But like all other android built apps. It also needs an emulator to get installed. Here are the following steps to download and install Free Fire into PC.

  1. Open Chrome windows on your Google window m
  2. Search for Game loop emulator on your PC from any reliable website.
  3. Click on the free download button to download the emulator.
  4. After the emulator gets downloaded, go to the download files and open the Gameloop emulator.
  5. Register on it by logging in with Google ID.
  6. Open Google Play Store and install Garena Free Fire Mod on the emulator screen.
  7. After a few seconds, the installation gets done.
  8. The game icon appears on the screen.
  9. Open the app and start playing.

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General FAQ’s

1- How much does Free Fire required to get downloaded?

The downloadable size of Free Fire is 1.5GB.

2- Does it lags on a PC or laptop?

No, the game file size is not too big. With an emulator, it gets downloaded and plays smoothly.

3- How can we download it?

First, you have to get an emulator to install Free Fire Mod Menu. It can easily be downloaded on devices with low storage status.

4- Does its function the same on the laptop?

Yes, its functions work the same on both mobiles and PC.

Wrapping Up

Now enjoy this adventurous Free Fire PC game with all the modes and features unlocked. The combats are thrilling and adventurous to amaze the players. The game characters get customized with desired skills and specialties. The battle royale feature makes it fun to play. The urge of survive among competitors within a specific time limit addicts the players. The characteristics like defense, combat, safety accessories, and character selection with the desired skills are present in Free Fire Mod Apk.

It can get installed both on mobile phones and PC. A less storage capacity is required to get the installation done. On PC, like other android devices, it requires a medium to get the download. From my personal experience, I would recommend that users install it with the Gameloop emulator. It gives seamless support for gameplay on our devices because it is user-friendly. It is easy to access and download many other games.