Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Hack Mod Apk for Android

free fire unlimited diamond hack mod apk new update

Primarily, this game is a global arena, where, players, from all over the world can participate and beat their counterparts. Almost, 50 players are expected to take part and out of these 50 players only a few 1-4 players survive. These players are deemed to be undefeated and given the tile of Booyah: champion, champion and champion.

Firstly, you will have to login your account and comply with basic formalities. Once you have given all the details, you are good to go. Now, you have to participate in a match and as soon as you enter the lobby, you will find a lot of players there, doing different activities. Then, within a few seconds, you will find yourself in a plane, which after some time, will allow you to jump off. So, you along with other players, are falling with a dashing pace. When you realise, you have covered much distance, it is time to unleash the parachute. The real battle begins on the ground, where first of all, you will have to quest items to defend yourself from opponents. Going from house to house, you will have to defend yourself and terminate your opponents. Not only you have to defend yourself from your enemies, but also from the zones. This zone is a wave-like circle, which gets smaller and smaller, killing each player.

Refraining from all these menaces, if you get successful, you will be wearing the crown of victory. And if you are bored with the same old territory, you can change the map. Altering the map will allow you to get into a whole new world. Furthermore, you can utilize a bevvy of other magnificent features.

About Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Hack Mod Apk

Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Hack Mod Apk is a specific version of the game. Primarily, it is the same old game, but it has one point in favour: unlimited diamonds. As all of us are aware that diamonds are meant to be bought by paying real money. And that amount of diamonds is also not so huge. On the other hand, the importance of diamonds is undeniable. For this reason, Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Hack Mod Apk has been designed, which will let you have access to unlimited number of diamonds.

Name Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Hack Mod Apk
Publisher Garena
Developer 111 Dots
Category Survival/Shooting/Battle
Version 1.92.1
Size Variable
Get it on Google Play Store


Jaw-dropping Features of Free Fire Max

By installing this version of Free Fire, you will find these features of the game:

Unlocked Characters:

As we all know that royal battle games like PUBG etcetera, do not support different characters. But this is the only online game, in which, you can find hundreds of characters along with a plethora of pets. These characters can be unlocked with diamonds and diamonds are purchased with real money. Nevertheless, there is another way too, as Free Fire Diamond Hack gives you free diamonds, by which you can unlock as many characters as you want.

free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds

Astonishing In-game Mechanics:

Games are deemed to be the work of fiction, which portray fake stories in a fake manner. However, in this game, regardless of the storyline, the manner of portrayal is extremely real. The in-game mechanics are based on the rules and regulations of real-world with astonishing scientific laws. Physics play a major role in shaping the mechanisms of the game.

Intuitive Touch Controls:

One thing, that creates a borderline between the games of PC and smartphone is nothing else but controls. Yes, the controls of a personal computer are more comprehensive and somewhat easy too — as accompanied by auxiliary tools. On the other hand, due to small sizes of the mobile screen, it is not feasible to develop comprehensive controls. The only silver lining in mobile controls is that these are quick. But in case of Garena Free Fire, controls are all-in-one: easy, quick, intuitive, comprehensive and aligned.

free fire unlimited diamond hack mod apk new update

Realistic Visuals:

Realistic visuals are out of the box questions in mobile games. Because, the games, developed for smartphones, occupy less space. Therefore, their graphics are not that good, which may be called as realistic. Notwithstanding, Free Fire has nail-biting graphics, which look so real that it feels as if characters would come out of the screen.

free fire headshot hack diamond

Echoing Sound Optimization:

It is an undeniable fact, that sound effects put a great effect on the probability of a game to be liked. The subtle impact of audio of anything is extremely gigantic in reality. So, it will not be wrong to say that if the sound effects of any game are good enough, that game is up to the mark and worthy of playing. So is the case of Free Fire Mod Apk, whose sound effects are not only up to the mark, but even the greatest of all time.

Auxiliary Items and Power-ups:

In online games, usually different items are placed at different spots to distinguish the performance of the players. Those players, who have more auxiliary or supportive items, generally win the game. These items or powers ups can be bought through diamonds. Therefore, you must install this modified version of the game to get these items and become invincible.

free fire headshot hack diamond apk

A Lot of Elite Passes:

Elite passes are known to be the premium standard form of permits, which let you participate in different events. These elite passes are supposed to be procured with diamonds. Therefore, you are supposed to have unlimited diamonds in Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Hack Mod Apk.

free fire unlimited diamond hack mod apk

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Download Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds 2022

Downloading something has become a cake, these days. But, any minor mistake in this, can make this easy process intricate. Judiciously thinking, you must follow these artless steps to download it:

  • On this page, you will find a Download button
  • Simply click on this button and start downloading
  • When you have downloaded and located it, then install it
  • Installation is also extremely easy
  • Go to that location, where you had located the Apk file
  • And by mere clicking on it, the installation will commence


Can I play it on PC or is it solely available for mobile phones?

Yes, of course! You can play it on PC and laptop too. For that, you must get Free Fire Hack Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds Download For PC.

How much diamonds, am I going to receive, if I download this Apk file from this website?

Surprisingly, there is no counting to encompass this quantity. As it provides unlimited diamonds — so there will be infinite quantity of diamonds in your profile.

Shall I be asked to fulfil some extra requirements for this cracked version?

No, this version works with same requirements, as the original does. No extra requisition will be demanded from the users. So, do not worry and download it in less than no time.


Free Fire is an online game, which has realistic visuals and astonishing sounds. Besides, the controls of the game are nail-biting. In this 10-minutes battle of 50 players, you must have a considerable amount of diamonds, if you really want to win the battle. Because, diamonds let you have auxiliary items, power-ups, different characters, elite passes and a lot of other premium features. Therefore, you had better install Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Hack Mod Apk, instead of the simple version of the game.

Free Fire Mod Menu Apk v1.94.1 (Unlimited Diamonds, Aimbot)

mod menu free fire 2022 apk diamantes infinitos

Free Fire Mod Menu Apk is an online game, which has a considerable number of downloads, rendering the audience, totally engaged in sumptuous gameplay. A 10-minutes battle erupts among 50 or more players on a remote, barren and resourceful location. These players fight for their survival, but at the end of the day, only 1 survives, who is known to be Booyah: the undefeated.

The gaming industry has always been rolling since its infancy. A process of continuous improvement and modernisation has always remained the central axis of this industry. In this way, games have always been changing. Initially, single-player games captivated the attention, later player vs player (PvP) came under the spotlight. There was a time, when racing games ruled the industry, then fighting, then shooting and so on. But that is not the case any longer. Because, now games have become too advanced, that different elements of different genres are present in a single game. Free Fire Mod Apk is also one of those games, where you can do almost everything. You can ride different vehicles; shoot weapons etcetera.

However, primarily, the game revolves around survival, where you along with 50 other players will land on an island. Now, you will have to find weapons and auxiliary pieces of stuff, like health kits etcetera. Whenever you see your opponent, you are supposed to kill him, if you do not, then he surely will. In this way, battle remains continue for next 10 minutes, until only 1 player remains alive. At the end of the day, this player is known to be the winner. Besides this survival, you can do a lot other activities too. A case in point is that you can keep pets, which help you to get nearer to the victory. Moreover, maps (which are locations actually) can also be changed easily, providing you an entirely novel experience of uncharted territories.

About Free Fire Mod Menu Apk

We are all well aware of the fact that Garena FF is a somewhat arduous game. The difficulty level of the game is pretty much enhanced due to its online players across the globe. Thus, it is not feasible to win the game easily. One has to invest time as well as resources to succeed in this monumental game. Despite doing all these efforts, some players cannot get victory due to a high level of competency. Consequently, players leave the game desperately. Nevertheless, you can still get the glory of victory in this game, by getting Free Fire Mod Menu Apk Latest Version. If you are wondering what is this, then do not worry.

It is nothing to be worried about; it is simply a modifier Apk file, which modifies the game. By modification, we mean any authority or control over the game. Firstly, you have to understand the working mechanism of this file, then you will be able to get the concept of it. Primarily, it is an additional file, that incorporates in your original game and opens up a door of modifications. It provides a menu, through which you can change things accordingly.

Refined Features of Free Fire Mod Menu Apk

Notwithstanding the limited storage space, Garena Free Fire presents the following nail-biting features:

Peerless Pet System:

Although, there are hundreds of reasons, for which this game is superior to its competitors, yet its pet system is the most prominent feature. Because, there is no online shooting game, which allows players to keep accompanying pets on their journey to success in shooting games. There is a number of pets with distinguished special powers, which allow them to help the player to win the battle.

free fire unlimited diamond mod apk

Diverse Modes:

You had better change your mind, if you are wondering that this game will have only one mode. As it has multiple modes and each mode is thoroughly distinguished from the others. You can go for these modes online with a few cake-like steps. Just choose the mode you like and run it.

free fire mod menu unlimited diamonds

Dashing Paced Battle:

People avoid games because of their time-consuming aspect. As games devour too much time, so it is not a good idea to play games in the hectic daily routine. And when it comes to online games, the first thought that pops up in mind is none other than wasting too much time. Nevertheless, in case of Free Fire New Version, you are going to be shocked, as it is only a 10-minute long online battle. It means, you can enjoy it anytime in your lunch break,  coffee break, at work, at leisure or any other time, when you get spare 10-minutes.

free fire v1.47.0 mod apk unlimited diamonds and coins

Appealing Characters:

The counterparts of this game, (like PUBG etcetera) do not offer replacement of characters. In fact, they do not even offer characters — but here in this game, you will be finding a lot of sumptuous characters. Ranging from Adam and Evo to Chrono and Antonio. With different morphs and attires, they also have different skills and abilities.

Online Bond:

An online linkage or bond is established among players while playing this game. As you are landed with a team of 4 players and all these 4 players are linked to each other with microphones sound transmission. Hence, by talking to each other, they can ask for help and plan better to win the game.

free fire mod menu apk unlimited diamonds download 2022

Visuals and Audio:

When it comes to visuals, it is somewhat depressing that the visuals of the game are not up to the mark. They are extremely excellent, but when these visuals are compared to its competitors, then we witness a clear difference. But this shortcoming of visuals is rectified by the high-quality sound effects. The audio effects of the game are too magnificent and echoing, that it becomes hard to differentiate between real sounds and in-game sounds.

Free Fire Mod Combo Features

  • You can avail unlimited diamonds in Free Fire Mod Menu Apk Unlimited Diamonds and utilize those diamonds for the betterment of your performance
  • You can have more control over the features of the game with this mod menu
  • Can alter the colour scheme of the game with this FF Mod Menu
  • You can get some premium features or we may say hacked features like wallhack and aimbot

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Free Fire on PC without Bluestacks

Components of Free Fire MOD Menu

Pets Weapons Characters Vehicles
Dreki M 14 Adam Tuk Tuk
Agent Hop MP 40 Evo Motorcycle
Beaston M4A1 Steffie Amphibious Motorcycle
Sensei Tig FAMAS Alok Sport Car
Dr. Beanie Benelli M4 Wolfrahh Tempu
Falco M 60 Rafael Pickup Truck
Ottero Alvaro Heavy Truck
Mr Waggor AN 94 Chrono McLaren
Detective Panda Desert Eagle Antonio Monster Truck

Free Fire Mod Menu Apk 2022 Download:

Downloading Free Fire Apk is not the same and simple as in Google Play Store or App Store. There is a specific method to download this game which requires some technicalities. Notwithstanding these technicalities, you can download and install the game through the following artless steps:

  • Open your internet browser and visit this site
  • Go to the search bar and write the name of desired apk file
  • When it appears, click on it and start downloading
  • Once the downloading is completed, go to the download location and install it
  • It will be spontaneously downloaded if you have allowed permissions to your installer
  • Here you go, the game has been installed. You can configure it according to your desires


What is the need for this exceptional version of the game, when the same game is available on the Google Play Store?

Well, it is quite right that it is available on Google Play Store. However, the version over there is the basic one which has a limited number of features. Therefore, this file or mod menu is meant to provide you with the premium features, which are only available here.

Will I be asked to comply with particular terms and conditions to run this extraordinary mod menu of the game?

No, you will never be demanded to do so. The requirements of this mod menu hack file are the exact replica of its original version on the Google Play Store.

Can I play it on PC and is this online or offline?

Garena Free Fire is not officially designed for PC. Nevertheless, you can still play it on a PC by installing an emulator and opening the game through that emulator.


Free Fire is a competitive game, where many players endeavor to win the battle and become the winner. It has a lot of benefits and some excellent features like: you can adopt a pet and enjoy diverse modes. Moreover, a link can be formed among players with a wonderful bond between players by directly having a voice chat. In this quick-paced shooting game, you can find a lot of amazing characters. Free Fire Mod Menu Apk is that kind of privilege, by which you can become the developer yourself, as you are given the authority to make changes to the game.