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What is it and how to get the Character Card?

What is it and how to get the Character Card?
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How To Get The Character Card

Cards of characters that has become one of the oldest in the world. There are currently three types of Character Cards, Character Card Lvl. 8, Character Card Lvl. 6 and Character Card Lvl. 4.

What are character cards?

You must choose a character to use this card, the chosen character will go up to the same level of the card instantly! And you will receive all the rewards of the levels of the chosen character.

Example: If you have a Lvl. 8 Character Card and use it on the Pigeon character, immediately Pigeon will be upgraded to level 8 as well, winning all rewards from previous levels.

The same goes for the Lvl Character Card. 4, when you use it, you will raise your character to level 4 immediately.

How to get character cards?

Character Cards are obtained only with shrapnel and these shrapnel are won by spinning the roulette of the Diamond Lucky Royale player whenever you receive a duplicate prize, you will receive shrapnel!

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