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First Anniversary of the Official Launch of Free Fire

It’s time for the first anniversary of the official release of Free Fire.

Much has changed and many things have to improve, there have already been several new features, but there is still much to come and we are looking forward to that date, will Garena any event for this important date?

The official launch anniversary will be on December 4th.

See below for confirmed information for the next update:

New Patent Icons

Garena has already announced that we will have new icons in the Patents that will arrive in the next update, but has not yet confirmed the date, will be next December 4?

End of the Quitadores

The company has also promised to put an end to the “Quitadores”, although it has not given more details on how it will work.

One option is to finish the Hall of Fame, so you wouldn’t be able to see some names that are in the hall.

Another option is to match the patent scores, not allowing Masters to play in the same match as Platins, for example.

New PSG1 Weapon

In the official video of Garena – The Ice Age the new weapon of Free Fire was filtered, it is the PSG1.

New Helmet Enhancer

One of the things that has not yet been confirmed, but that the community asks a lot is the hull enhancer, nothing official, but we hope it comes with the next update.

Server Improvements

We already know that after each update, the server suffers a lot and causes many problems to access the game, as well as high pings and crashes.

This is also an expectation for the next update.

More Skin for Gold

The whole community is asking for more good skins that are not only for diamonds, but can also be paid for with gold.

Golden Royale’s Luck time is much longer than Diamond Royale’s Luck time, that’s also a point that needs to be revised!

Free Name Change

This is a point that is long requested by players, so far Garena has reduced the price of diamonds charged by the Nicks exchange, but only on some servers.

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