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As a free fire is an extreme battle royale survival game where you have to be killed or kill. In this arena, you may be faced beginners as well as advanced 49 opponents. That is why you need some powerful weapons, armor, and skins to show your fighting skills or eliminate your enemies. We are sharing all weapons or legendry equipments which you need in the battleground.

Free Fire Weapons

These deadly weapons are well categorized into the following types on the basis of their function.


Items have no range and need to reload but high damage.

Only for the instant attack.


The pistols have low damage and range to hit enemies.

Bullets capacity up to 2-15.

Without scope

Usually used to complete missions or when you do have not any weapons.


Upto 90m range to hit the target

1-5 bullet capacity

Without scope but damage high


Upto 50-1200 bullet capacity

Moderate damage and reload speed

Magazine compatible


Usually used for fierce attack

Compatible with other weapons equipment

Adjustable scope


High damage

Low range & bullet taking

No scope


High rate of power

Extra magazines

15-50 bullets capacity

No scope

Variety of skins


Scope loving

Sniper gun with high damage & range


Quality sniper guns

High damage & range

Compatible with every scope (up to 8x)

Slow reload


High damage

Unique way to destroy anything you want

Strong movement


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