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Free Fire Map

Free Fire Map
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Importance of knowing the Free Fire map

Surely you are tired of losing in free fire, and is that if you think that free fire is a simple shooting game, there is the error, free fire is a strategy game, strategy must start from the map of Free Fire, and is that knowing where to fall will be vital to improve your time in the game, and even be able to win the game. Remember that there are 49 users who will seek to survive on these maps, so in this article we will be letting you know the most elapsed areas, their advantages and disadvantages.

The best areas to fall on the map Bermuda


The Factory

The factory is one of the best places to fall, but remember that everyone will want to fall there, then as main advantages of this zone are:

  • Large number of weapons:

Within this area you can find a lot of weapons, however, you must know which one to choose, because this area is moderately small, so you should use short-range weapons, either shotguns or short-range machine guns such as an MP5, UMP and even the cut shotgun M1873.

  • Body-to-body combat:

Because it’s a fairly small area, melee combat is excellent, so if you consider that you have the skills to shoot quickly, and run, this area is perfect for you.

  • Easy to locate on the map:

Sometimes we do not know where we shoot from, but this area for being so small you can easily see from the mini map, also allows you to hunt your opponents, because not always go in search of battle will make you survive.


  • Too many people:

An area that brings so many advantages, will bring with it a lot of people, so if you are not so skilled in fast combat, this area is not the best for you.


We all know our skills, and if The Factory was a perfect area for fast combat and body to body, mill is quite the opposite, offers you among its advantages:

  • Perfect for long distance shooting:

Many are really good for long distance shooting, so this area is perfect for them, because the same one always has one or another long range rifle, with which you can eliminate your enemies at long distances, in addition to being a fairly open area, so you can hunt your enemies from afar..

  • High Zones:

The best combination for a long distance shooter is a good rifle and high areas, this area contains good mountains where you can position yourself to shoot, in addition to owning the sheds where you get the most resources..

  • Long Distance Weapons:

Weapons are really important, among one of the best rifles you can get, is the Kar98K, which can cause up to 450 damage with a single shot, instant death..


  • The areas where there are resources are reduced, the best are the sheds, because those around the sheds can easily leave uncovered, then all seek to fall into the sheds, which can cause chaos..

Cape Town

Do you like chaos? Do you feel the alpha male of Free Fire? then this area is for you, to fall in this area you must be good, here fall the best, and if you are not one of the best you can practice in this area that offers as advantages:

  • Area large amount of resources:

The resources within this zone are really good, but they are not easy to take, because there are many that can fall there.

  • Perfect zone for foguearte:

Practice makes the master, so if you feel you want to practice with the best of this game, many fall this area, so you can practice quite a bit there.

  • Perfect place to hide:

If you take a building will be the perfect space to hide, and although many do not like the so-called “camperos” this is survival friends, so hide and wait for the right time to kill.


  • Expert zone:

If you are not attentive to where you fall and who falls near you, you will die before you can take the first box of bullets, then you must be very attentive.

The best areas to fall on the map Purgatorio


Ski slopes:

If you want to start your game relatively calmly, this area is for you, among the advantages we have:

  • Good resources:

If you want to get a lot of resources this area is perfect for you, because everywhere you will get resources.

  • Wide area:

The size of this area is good, as you can easily avoid short-range clashes.

  • Easy to escape:

Normally this area contains some cars, so being able to escape in them will be easy, in addition to using them to run over anyone who gets in the way.


Being a large area, hiding or covering yourself can be difficult, then you will be exposed to enemy fire from all sides, and if you have not got good weapons, your death is almost irreversible.

Lake Mansion

Do you like fast and short combat? This area is beautiful, the luxury masion we all want, and we take care of filling it with bullets, among its great advantages we have:

  • The best resources:

In this area you will find good resources, good weapons, vests and helmets, it is good to be able to get machine guns, because this area is really small.

  • Get hold of the height:

If you manage to fall into the largest and tallest house, you will have a 360° view to shoot anyone you want, perfect for the good assault rifles you can get in this area.

  • Easy to escape:

Although for those who like stealth within free fire, the zip line is not the best option, however, if you already have all the resources, you can escape from the zip line that is in it, in addition, there are 2 bridges, straits where you can find enemies, and are perfect for escape.


The main disadvantage is the number of opponents that can be found in this area.

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