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Free Fire Characters

Free Fire Characters
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The strategy of this game is really important, and being able to choose the character that fits you more, will be of vital importance at all times, and if you didn’t know it here we teach you, each of the characters of free fire has a different ability which will help you in combat, so within your strategy you must be able to know the skills of your character. It doesn’t matter what your characters’ clothes are, even if they never look fabulous, but what’s really important is to make good use of the characters.

Personajes de Free Fire

What are the best characters in Free Fire?

Although it’s hard to please everyone, some of the free fire characters can be more useful than others, but as mentioned earlier, you must know what are the skills for you as a player, you can feel comfortable and reach victory, among the best characters we have:


This experienced ex-cop will be of great help to you if you play alone, and is that the same with the advancement of his level, will reduce the damage generated by your opponents to your vest.


Retired soldier of the navy, which has a very strange ability, but if you know how to use it will allow you to kill more than one opponent when the zone is closing, and is that the ability of Ford is to decrease the amount of damage you receive when being out of the zone, and is that how many times you have not seen opponents running like crazy because the zone is closed? Then that’s when you can pause and shoot thanks to this ability.


Do not be fooled by this beautiful character, is a professional back guard, with which you can give battle to your opponents, is expert in machine-guns, and his ability is based on increasing the load of machine gun by default, then this woman is perfect for short combat.


This character is perfect for the team game, since she will be able to quickly revive her teammates, this thanks to the fact that before entering the battle, Olivia was a nurse, and her main skill is that the teammates who revive will get up with an extra HP.


In free fire never, but you must never stop moving, and if you can move faster than your opponent will be really good, you can get this ability thanks to this character.

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