Free Fire MOD APK v1.98.1 [Unlimited Money, Heath] April 2023

Free Fire Apk is a multiplayer online game. We can play with different people from anywhere globally and connect them through different languages options. It operates well on our phones.

Games are an important part of our routine. They are the charm of our childhood and adolescence. As kids, we used to play solo or duo games on video players. At that time, it had different fun. But for now, it feels monotonous to play single games offline or on video players. Now, online games have taken the place of video player games.

Garena Free Fire MOD APK

In today’s date, the addiction for Free Fire Mod Apk is something incredible among youngsters. In this game, a group of more than fifty players lands on a vast battlefield. All of these players have various weapons and mobiles. They can use their favorite vehicles and weapons to move and survive.

At the end of the game, only one player makes it to survive through the battlefield. There are four main battlefields through which survival till the end is a must. The controls are simple, and options are available on both sides of the screen. There are options available to control the character you choose, and on the other top corner, you get the options for control buttons to jump, lay down, lean, and shoot.

Whenever you come across a mobile, weapon, or any crossing, you can avail it by choosing the suggestion that pops up. In Garena Free Fire Mod Apk, the players find themselves on remote lands every ten minutes. The round ends after the only one survives.

Gerena Free Fire Apk Booyah Day is another amazing feature of an adventure. We can have much more fun while exploring Cocotina Jungle. With Free Fire Booyah Day download, we discover new levels and explore wonderful worlds by dividing and flying into them. Get it now to enjoy battle survival with smooth graphics and modified weapons.


Name Free Fire Mod Apk
Publisher Garena International I Private Limited
Version 1.98.1
Category Action
Size 545M
MOD features Variety of choices and graphics
Get it on Google Play Store


About Garena Free Fire Hack Download

Garena Free Fire is a unique and popular adventurous android application. It was designed on the pattern of PUBG mobile but created in a modified way to entertain gamers.

This app is the center of attention of many because it is multiplayer gameplay, increasing the demand for Garena Free Fire Hacks. In every multiplayer game, many players blame the death of characters on the hacking result.

Hence, it is crucial to ensure that anyone executes the Free Fire hack in our game. Due to its popularity among players, increasing the chances of being on top is the ultimate wish. For an instance, we get all relevant information on YouTube search. At the same time, personal analysis is a must because not all the information by professional hackers is a fact. Some characters are themselves too good to reach victory.


The game is highly adventurous and engaging. The reasons for this are a variety of graphics and the option to choose the desired character and add to them the desired skills. Its small game size and keenness to run on fewer storage devices are also the reasons for its popularity. We don’t need a complete strategy and set to play it. For this reason, the Garena Free Fire hack strictly prohibits any cheat system.

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Another way to avoid the Garena Free Fire Hack is not to play with friends who use the cheat system. We can now report hackers through a simple process. We can do this by previewing their profile and reporting on it by tapping the exclamation mark. I would recommend playing Free Fire Mod without using such hacks as they diminish the actual fun.

Get this application quickly from your Google Play Store or any other link. This gaming application is user-friendly as it works on low-specification mobiles. It is easy to play and enjoyable for a player of any age. Its versatile and unique options for every necessity make it popular among passionate gamers.

Advanced Features of Free Fire Mod Apk

The popularity of the play is due to its modified and unique features. It’s the best game for passionate game lovers. Here, I am listing some amazing features of Free Fire Mod for you.

1- Best Graphics

The app is famous on Google play store and other platforms. Its best graphics is the feature that signifies and distinguishes this app from others is its amazing graphics. The graphics are so smooth that they seem real that playing this game is more fun.


2- Choice for Battleground

Free Fire has multiple options for its players. One of them is choosing our battlefield and playing wherever we want.

3- Players

Each round of the game makes you play with 50+ players. If we want to get pro ranking, survival through this ten-minute round is necessary.


4- Weapons

The game gives a variety of choices in every option. In weapons, there are multiple guns for players. We can choose and play with the desired one.

You can check out Free Fire Weapons

5- Maps

An additional feature in Free Fire Mod Apk is its detail maps. Once a player lands in an area, a detailed map with all the information is provided.

Click here to explore Free Fire Battle Royale Maps

6- Mode Choice

It is up to us to choose which mode we want to play. In Free Fire Mod Apk, we get two regular mode options: Clash squad and Battle Royale mode. It gives many other options like Classic, ranked, rush hour, custom, solo, duo, and squad. We can choose our desired mode and play like a pro.


7- Teams

Instead of solo playing, we can also make a team of four members. The team coordination let us play with great strength.

8- Characters

An unlimited character list is available in Fre Fire Mod Apk free Purchase. Some characters are built on international celebrities. We can also customize our favorite Player. Play with your favorite character and have a fun time.

Features of Free Fire MOD Apk

  • Free Fire Mod Apk is free of cost. We can get it from anywhere without paying money.
  • We can play with anyone from the entire world because the game supports multiple languages.
  • Safety accessories like helmets and armor costumes are given to game characters.
  • Health boosters are provided to players for an unlimited lifetime.
  • We get a clear battlefield without fog, grass, and other hurdles.
  • We can customize our characters the way we like.
  • Players can have voice chat between the game.
  • The game is fast and simple as it offers each round of ten minutes.

Free Fire VS Minecraft

Free fire and Minecraft are two of the most popular battle royal games. Both offer unique experiences for players, but there are some key differences in their gameplay.

Free Fire is a fast-paced online shooter with intense gameplay that offers lots of game modes such as ranked mode, survival mode, and more. The character customizations are also extensive, allowing players to customize their character’s looks and weapons. Free Fire comes in huge open world map.

While minecraft is a game where players can explore, build, survive, mine resources, and craft items. The creative mode offers unlimited building possibilities for creative players while the survival mode challenges players to survive the hostile environment. Players can also interact with each other and collaborate to build large structures.

Free Fire has 3D graphics while Minecraft has a block-style look that makes it easy to create any environment you want. Also, Free Fire’s fast-paced gameplay makes it great for competitive gamers while Minecraft offers a slower-paced experience that’s suitable for casual players.

Overall, Free Fire and Minecraft both offer different experiences for players and can appeal to different types of gamers. However, each game has its own strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to the player to decide which one is better suited for their needs.

How to install Garena Free Fire Mod Apk?

We must follow the steps mentioned below to download and install Free Fire Mod Apk properly.

  • Firstly, locate the link to the app from our page.
  • Go to the download button and start downloading.
  • Open the mobile settings and move to the security option.
  • Allow unknown sources from the mobile.
  • Go to downloads and get the downloaded file.
  • Press on the install tab.
  • After a few seconds, the installation gets done.
  • Once the installation is done, the application icon appears on the screen.
  • Open the app and enjoy your games with absolute fun.

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General FAQs

1- Is Free Fire Mod Apk free to download?

Yes, we can get it on our devices without paying a penny.

2- Does it works on mobiles with less specialty?

Its size is between 40MB to 350 MB. It can also work on devices with less storage status.

3- Is it secure to get downloaded?

Downloading it on our mobiles is safe. It does not convey any viruses to your gadgets.

4- How are the graphics of this game work?

This game contains some real-life graphics. Playing it with the graphics of our own choice is all a passionate gamer needs.

Wrapping Up

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk is a unique, fantastic, adventurous, and most popular game globally. The players get it for free on their mobile phones. They can play it with their friends or anyone in the world. The game is easy to play as it ranks the gamer with absolute survival till the end. We have to pass each round of ten minutes on the battlefield.

The battle royale feature makes it unique for its addictive fun and adventure. It requires less memory to get installed on our phones. The voice chat between games makes it interesting. The multiple options for modes, control, characters, weapons, and battlefields make it a favorite of everyone. Its Mod version is payment-free.

You can get it anytime without any security and privacy issues. So, don’t wait and hurry up to get Garena Free Fire Mod Apk Download. Please share it with your friends and enjoy playing on one platform.

Free Fire Map Battle Royale – New Alpine Map Jan – 2023

[su_tabs active=”5″][su_tab title=”ALPINE” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

Grab an amazing free fire experience showing your battle skills in new territory on Alpine map. Definitely, it will be an exotic combat experience in the snow-capped mountains.

Enjoy Alpine Map which is also a part of the New Age Event & the same interface (360-degree). Join this arena to get Diamond Royale & many other secret rewards.

No doubt all the Garena maps are stunning due to their fabulous interface. But Alpine is the best for you due to:

  • Combination of two unique seasons (Nevado & Foz)
  • A reflection of Japanese culture theme

How to play Alpine Map?

Start free fire and click on the mode icon to change the game mode.

Choose Alpine and enjoy.[/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”BERMUDA REMASTERED” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

Bermuda is a famous mode to get fierce battle experience. It is a place of the island where a wider range of play styles are waiting for you.


[su_tab title=”BERMEDA” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]


[su_tab title=”PURGATORY” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

If you want to play Purgatory then first you have to reach at minimum level 5 then you will allow playing in this zone. Purgatory is a spacious battle zone with endless fun.


[su_tab title=”KALAHARI” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

An amazing place to experience battle in a real fighting way. Kalahari is a desert map as you feel from its name. It is a sniper lover map covering huge area to boost your odds of survival.


Garena free fire is a battle royale game where you will get an amazing experience of battleground with their fierce interface, textures, building structures & dozens of exciting features. Free fire always shows justice with its name Royale Battle game you will entertain through a deadly battle on a variety of world maps. But for a long time, free fire has not officially released their new maps. But now there is good news for you. Finally, it is the end of Garena fans who were waiting for a new map for a long time.

What’s the size of free fire map?

The area of every map is different and there is no accurate announcement for its map area. Recently PubG publishers now added a map area option. But one thing is clear that the Garena map area is smaller than the other 2 famous battle royale games (PubG & Rules of Survival).

Free Fire Weapons – Best Battle Royale Game

As a free fire is an extreme battle royale survival game where you have to be killed or kill. In this arena, you may be faced beginners as well as advanced 49 opponents. That is why you need some powerful weapons, armor, and skins to show your fighting skills or eliminate your enemies. We are sharing all weapons or legendry equipments which you need in the battleground.

Free Fire Weapons

These deadly weapons are well categorized into the following types on the basis of their function.


Items have no range and need to reload but high damage.

Only for the instant attack.


The pistols have low damage and range to hit enemies.

Bullets capacity up to 2-15.

Without scope

Usually used to complete missions or when you do have not any weapons.


Upto 90m range to hit the target

1-5 bullet capacity

Without scope but damage high


Upto 50-1200 bullet capacity

Moderate damage and reload speed

Magazine compatible


Usually used for fierce attack

Compatible with other weapons equipment

Adjustable scope


High damage

Low range & bullet taking

No scope


High rate of power

Extra magazines

15-50 bullets capacity

No scope

Variety of skins


Scope loving

Sniper gun with high damage & range


Quality sniper guns

High damage & range

Compatible with every scope (up to 8x)

Slow reload


High damage

Unique way to destroy anything you want

Strong movement


Free Fire Online Battle Royale Games – Freefirepc

Garena free fire is a famous battle royale game through all over the world where you can feel fierce bloody battles, emotions, unification, survival and much more. In this game learn about unity. As free fire is a multiplayer online game, it mean you should be able to eliminate the world’s best player. You have to make a strategy or plan which helps you to complete your task.

Free fire shows a justification with her name because here you will experience the world amazing battles like PubG & Fixfortnite.

Get ready and show your skills because there is only a single option, either kill or be killed. So, show your best and enjoy.

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5 tips for beginners in free fire

As free fire battleground gained more popularity day by day, at the same time this game goes more difficult. The reason is that when you have to play against a strong competitor, you must have proper loot, weapons or skills to complete them. Because in this arena or room you might be a face pro player. That’s why we are sharing some tips regarding how to play batter in free fire. These tips will help you to boost your abilities and way of playing.

Free Fire Tips and Tricks

Remember these tips or tricks are for beginners and some advanced-level gamers not for pros.

  1. Land on suitable area:- At the start of the game you have an option or time to land on your favorite place. You can track your location from the maps present on the upper side of the right corner. Choose one of the suitable place like “Mars Electric” to get loot without a rush.
  2. Land with your friends:- Teamwork is sometimes very necessary when you have to compete some pro players. Follow your best team member who is an expert in landing and choose a place where you aspire to land. The reason is that when your all team land in the same place you can get proper loot for battle. Other players will follow your root and avoid to gt enter in your area.
  3. Avoid loot in open:- As we know it’s a survival game and you have to survive till the end of the game. You should be alone (if you’re playing solo) until your all enemies eliminate.
  4. Your favorite display setting:- yes it is very important to groom your battle skills. You should properly arrange all the items appearing on your screen. Mange them in such a way that it will not irritate to play faster. Set your thumb at right place, customize your fire open buttons as you feel better. You can first try that where you should set these claws.
  5. Play outside the zone:- sometimes the zoon time is nearly ending and you do not have the proper way to escape to other. Then try to beat them first and then move on.
  6. Guns selection: you should relay an AR gun due to high damage and comfortable controls. Make your scope setting move faster. Check their sensitivity to play more accurately.
  7. Choose the best aim precision:- if you are happy with your present aim, use a default aim precision with a scope or not.
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