FREE FIRE MAX vs BGMI who is best?

When it comes to the battle between FREE FIRE MAX and BGMI, there is no clear winner. Both offer different gaming experiences that each have their own pros and cons.

FREE FIRE MAX has a more customizable experience with its in-game features as well as better graphics. The game also boasts of unique characters and items that are exclusive to the MAX version. However, its downside is that it requires more RAM and processing power than BGMI does.

Meanwhile, BGMI also has a wide range of features such as card collections, rewards, etc., but its graphics are not as good as FREE FIRE MAX’s. It is also much easier on your device since it does not require as much RAM and processing power.

In the end, it really comes down to personal preference when choosing between FREE FIRE MAX and BGMI. If you prefer a more detailed gaming experience with better graphics, then FREE FIRE MAX is the way to go.

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