Free Fire PC Download

Are you looking for how to download Free Fire to play on your computer? You are in the right place, here we will show you step by step how to download and install the best Battle Royale action game. You will also find more information about the different characters, maps, weapons, guides, and tricks to become the best in the world.

With Free Fire PC Download, get even more exciting features and boost your online gaming experience with a comparatively larger screen of PC.

Free Fire falls under the most advanced genre of the games: battle royale games. A candidacy for the selection of an individual or a team takes place. Almost 50 players participate in the competition and each has to shoot others to survive.

Although, mobile phones are not the product or invention of ancient times, yet their games are deemed to be the most popular. Free Fire PC is one of those popular games, which captivated the attention of players, soon after its release. Primarily, it is more than just a game, it involves emotions, sensations, and attention. First of all, you will be falling off a plane and having a taste of ghastly parachutes. Then, after reaching on the earth, you will have no idea to do anything, as you are extremely empty-handed. In this way, finding essential items becomes your priority and you keep on running to find loot in houses.

In short, you will have to do everything to survive. You have to perform, whatever it takes to survive. In the end, if you are lucky enough, you will be the champion, who is commonly known as the Booyah. You can avail twofold charm of the game by getting Free Fire Download PC because that version of the game is superior to other versions.

Free Fire PC

Everyone hustles for the best things in every field of life. So is the case with games, as each and every person wants to spend time playing the best games. Even if they find the best game, then they desire the best versions of those best games. Hence, Free Fire Latest Version Download For PC is the best among the best games. You must have played this game on your mobile, but believe it or not, after installing it on a PC, you will be getting a completely changed game. From landing on a remote island to surviving till the end, each step is augmented in this version of the game for PC.

Name Free Fire PC Download
Publisher Garena
Developer 111 Dots Studio
Category Shooting/Survival
Version 1.90.1
Size 675
Get it on Google Play Store


What is Free Fire Battle Royale?

Free Fire Battle Royale is an action game where 50 players fight to survive and are the last on foot, no doubt is game of the moment, is developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena International, which is possibly already known by other games such as League of Legends or better known as LOL, Although Free Fire is only available for Android and iOS, in this guide we will show you how to play on your PC or MAC, which will give us some advantages of gameplay among other things.

How to Play Free Fire on the PC?

To play Free Fire on our computers we must download an Android emulator for Windows or MAC, in this guide we will use Bluestacks 4, which is completely free and with the widest variety of options for the demanding gamer.

Features of Free Fire PC Latest Version:

These are some astonishing features of this game:

Excellent Tailored Controls:

There is no criterion, which could suggest easy controls. The easiness of control varies from individual to individual. If one finds a particular set of controls easy, others might find it difficult. Hence, it can be resolved by giving a free hand to players, that they may change controls according to their comforts. Hence, if you want to do the same in Garena Free Fire, you must install it on a PC.

free fire download for pc

Stable Network Connection:

If you are playing any game on PC, you will definitely witness the remarkable stability of the connection. As the microchips in a computer are far more stronger than mobile phones, so it captures signals with relatively higher potential. Through this stabilized and strong network connection, you would have won the competition, while others would be lagging behind.

free fire download for pc windows 10 64 bit

Considerable Screen Size:

If one is asked to rank problems in online games on a scale of 1-10, then the small size of mobile screens will hold the top-notch spot. Because tiny screen size causes a plethora of problems for players. When one is not able to visuals enemies, then the odds of one’s survival are augmented. Therefore, this issue can only be resolved via large screen, which can only be availed in Free Fire For PC.

free fire download for pc without bluestacks

Auxiliary Pieces of Devices:

If you play FF on PC, then you get a lot of edges. One of those edges is that you can utilize supportive devices like mice and keyboards. In this way, your gaming style becomes far more distinctive than others. You can beat anyone with the help of these extra devices. So, without wasting time, you had better give this a go to this game on PC.

garena free fire pc download

Free Fire More Features

  • You can make a living through this game too by recording Livestream videos etcetera
  • You can make friends globally by having friendly discussions with them while you play game
  • Able to kill your boredom anytime, anywhere, by starting and finishing a match within 10 minutes
  • You are not restricted to staying in the game until it ends, if you have been killed in the game, you can just omit it

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Benefits of using the Bluestacks 4 emulator:

The fastest Gamers platform for computers.

The best Hyper-G graphics on the market, to enjoy even the smallest detail.

Native keymapping, you can configure the keyboard in just a few seconds.

Better performance than playing on a mobile device.

Download Free Fire for PC / MAC

Steps to Download Free Fire Download For PC:

Get Free Fire Download For PC Windows 7 by following a basic, step by step method. This method is elaborated below:

  • Open this credible website and click on the search bar
  • Type the name of your required game and when it appears, simply download it
  • Now, next step is to install an emulator — such as Bluestacks, Gameloop etcetera
  • Register yourself in that emulator and open Garena Free Fire through that emulator
  • Nothing else, just enjoy the game!

We have already talked about Free Fire and how to play on our computers, so let’s get to work and quiet this is easy and will not take more than 10 minutes to have the game ready on our computers.

Minimum requirements to install Bluestacks and play Free Fire.

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8,8.1 Windows 10.
4 GB de ram.

Hard Disk Space 5 GB.

1 – Download and install Bluestacks 4, for it, we go to the following link: Once you are inside the official page of the emulator, you will see the following screen, you must click on the button marked on the following screen.

2 – Once the download is finished, we proceed to install the emulator, which is extremely easy, just click the Install Now button, Yes! extremely easy, just give a click, and is completely installed and ready to use, best of all is that the emulator supports more than 40 languages, so you can configure the language you prefer after the installation process ends.

3 – Like any android device, when you start we ask for a google account to continue, so we must add our existing account, if we have played previously, otherwise you can create a new Gmail account and log in with it, this is your choice.

Google Account 1

4 – This is the screen you will see after logging in with your Google account. Next, type “free fire” in the top right search bar, then “enter” or “click” on the sky-blue icon with a magnifying glass.

Start of  Bluestacks 4

5 – Next we will see the following screen, where we will click the button “Install” which is marked in red.

Install Free Fire

6 – Now click on Install on the screen of the Play Store.

Free Fore Play Store

7 – There, we have reached the end, click on open and enjoy the game.

Final Verdict

If you are done playing Free Fire on your mobile phone, it is time to level up your game and install it on PC. Because, by installing it on PC, you can customize your controls; enjoy the considerable size of the screen with a stable connection and use supportive devices. Moreover, the graphics are more mesmerizing and attractive on PC than the mobile version of the game. As the requirements are not to gigantic, so must get Free Fire Download PC.

FAQs About Free Fire PC

What is the difference between FF mobile and FF PC?

There is no difference between these two games. In fact, both of these are the same game with the same storyline. The former version is designed for mobile phones, whereas latter version is meant for PC or laptops.

What are the basic requirements, to play Free Fire on PC?

There are no gigantic requirements to run it on PC. You can play it with only 2GB Ram and a simple graphics card. Moreover, you must have 4GB free space in your PC’s storage.

Is this version of the game, can be played on PC?

Absolutely yes! As Free Fire Download Laptop is cardinally designed for PC and laptops, so you can install it in your laptop, fearlessly.

How to Play Free Fire with the Mouse and Keyboard?

Free Fire is developed to be played on devices with touch screens, but do not be afraid, this is one of the great advantages of using the emulator BlueStack, just assign the keys with which you want to play Free Fire on the computer or laptop.

We start the game with our emulator.

There are two ways: If it is the first time you start the game, then you will get the next screen, where you can configure the keyboard to your liking. The other option is to click on the lower right corner of the keyboard icon.